👕About our DTF Transfers

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Application and Washing & Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity of your item, please follow these care instructions:

How do I apply the transfer?
Our DTF transfers only need 6-12 seconds to apply. Different materials will need a different heat, time and pressure. See DTF Instructions for application.

Can I use an Iron?
No you cannot use an iron.  You need both the pressure and even heat to correctly apply the adhesive to the garment.

Can our Transfer be applied to sublimated garments?
Yes, but as always we recommend you test it out for different sublimated products. With sublimation there may be some dye migration. Our transfers have additional white under base to help prevent this happening but it may still occur. When pressing on sublimated synthetic fabrics we recommend dropping the temp slightly to 120°C-130°C.

Why is my transfer not adhering to my garment?
This is 9 out of 10 times an issue with the pressure, either too little or too much pressure is being applied or the pressure being applied is uneven. Increase your pressure or if there are buttons, seams or zips making the surface uneven using a heat press pillow will help.
Can I apply this transfer to water/wind resistant clothing?
Unfortunately, manufacturers use a variety of chemicals to make garments water and wind resistant and these chemicals often react with water based inks adversely. Our transfers have worked on multiple fabrics but we always suggest testing them first on any fabric that has resistant properties as they may cause issues.
Can it be applied to mugs and bottles?
No... unfortunately it can't.
What are the washing and care instructions?
Use a cool wash (30-40°C) or even a cold wash.
- Use mild detergents and little to no softener.
- Line dry inside out.
- Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach.
- Do NOT tumble dry.
- Do NOT iron the print.
Do not wash within 24 hours of pressing.