Can I use my mobile phone to edit templates?
Yes you can do basic edits on your mobile phone, but for a optimal editing experience and access to all features, it is recommended to use the Canva and Corjl platforms on a computer or laptop. 

All other templates (MS Word, PDF, Photoshop) can only be downloaded and edited on a computer using the relevant software.

Please read the product descriptions for template specific information and editing options.


Do you offer custom / personalised orders?
Unfortunately, we don’t offer custom orders or designs at the moment.  We however can make small changes to our current designs at an extra cost.  See Customisation for pricing.

We regularly upload new designs in variety of designs and styles. If you need a size or color change of an existing template please contact us.

What happens if I don’t receive my download files?
You should receive a direct download link within 5 minutes after making payment; and; the download link is sent to your email address used at checkout. Please remember to check your junk folder.
Please contact us if there is any issue receiving our files and we will assist right away.

Can I change or cancel my download after purchase?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We do not offer returns or changes to your order after you have already received your download link unless the file is damaged, or you never received your purchase. Customer satisfaction is priority number one for us so please do contact us if there is any issue.

Does my order expire? How long will I have access to it?
All templates are yours forever – which means there is no time or download limit on your order.

Please make a copy of your files in a safe place after downloading it just in case.

How can access my Corjl Template?
Within your order you will receive a PDF/JPG outlining the process of accessing your Corjl template.

Look out for an email from Corjl which should automatically come through within 5 minutes of the order. Please note the email will be sent to the email used at the check out page and not your PayPal email (if they are different).

Once you receive the email from Corjl,  click the link and this will take you to the Corjl login page. If you are using Corjl for the first time you will need to create an account first. Once done you will be able to access, edit, save and download your templates.

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Alternatively, you can also print at your local printing shop or from your home printer.

Printing at home
Print at home using good quality paper and ink. Print at home is suited for templates with less color, white or faint background. For templates with lots of color, it might be best to print it professionally to achieve the best results.

Download your printable files from Canva or Corjl with the 'show bleed' option ticked to ensure no artwork cropping occurs and to get the file print ready.
Print colors and quality may vary depending on your screen resolution and settings. Use good quality paper for best results.

What is Corjl and Canva? Can I use my templates if I do not have an account?
Corjl and Canva are both online design platforms which is free to use by you as a buyer.  All you need to do is register for a free account and you will be able to access your templates.

Both platforms allows you to edit your designs, save and download the file format you require for your project.

What are the document fonts called?
This only applies to Microsoft Word, Photoshop, PDF templates. All of these templates come with a text file with the font download links. The text file is in the folder called 'Fonts to Download'. Follow the links, download and install the fonts (the font installation files are the .otf or .ttf files)

You will find full instructions on how to download and install the fonts in the PDF included with your order.

Why do I have to pay for the images in CANVA?
A free Canva account will give you access to the image editor and a limited selection of free templates, free photos, graphic elements, fonts.

Most of our design templates use CANVA premium images. As these images are copyrighted you will need to pay a small fee directly to CANVA to give you the rights to use these images. You can swap the premium images for free images using the design editor.

Want to sign up for CANVA Free - sign up here

Refer a friend and get rewarded
Refer a friend and get rewarded when they sign up with free premium icons, images or illustrations.

Use the following link to sign up - here

Can I add my logo?
You can add your logo to almost all of our templates.
+ For our Canva or Corjl templates - you can add your logo when editing on a computer or mobile.
+ MS Word templates - add your logo as an image in Word. + PDF templates - you can add your logo only to templates that have logo placeholders, otherwise, you will not be able to insert a logo.
+ Adobe templates - add your logo as you would in the relevant Adobe application.

Care instructions for our stickers
All stickers are weatherproof and finishing will depend on what you've ordered! If you are placing it on a water bottle be gentle while washing and do not scrub for a longer-lasting sticker!

The waterproof stickers have a clear seal on top to protect against scratches, water, and sun but it is not dishwasher safe - IT WILL COME OFF!

How do I use my sticker?
Gently fold the sticker on the corner and the backing will pop right off.

Why are the clay texture soft?
The earrings are made with a SYNTHETIC POLYMER CLAY (a man-made clay from a plastic, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base). It has a softer finish compared to acrylic and polymer clay sealed with resin. It has a clay texture but can be bent.

Have a question or need help?
If you have any questions about your order or need help please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to help and try to respond to queries within 24 hours or sooner.